One Currency Card

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What’s the most crucial element of an international trip? Yes, it is arranging for a travel card that is not only cost-effective, but also widely accepted. Smart travelers opt for a forex money card over bearer foreign exchange because of its multiple benefits, including lower exchange charges, safety and ease of using. If you too are looking for an international travel card, then we have an ideal solution for you.

Whether you are visiting just one or multiple foreign destinations, don’t let currency conversion woes deter you from making the most of your overseas trip. HEADWAY TOURS & TRAVEL offers an innovative travel card – One Currency Card – that allows you to preload it with US Dollars that can be used in several countries. As value-conscious Indian travelers, we leave no scope to get the best deals. Then why do we not get one of the most cost-effective travel prepaid cards? This international travel card helps you steer clear from hefty conversion charges, while ensuring full value of your money.