Multi Currency Card

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Are you planning to travel to multiple countries, but are struggling with finding the right forex travel card? HEADWAY TOURS TRAVEL’s multi-currency travel card is your answer. You can now load nine different currencies in this borderless prepaid card and save yourself the trouble of carrying multiple forex cards or bearer currency.

The nine currencies include:
  1. Swiss Francs
  2. US Dollars
  3. Australian Dollars
  4. British Pounds
  5. Euro
  6. Canadian Dollars
  7. Singapore Dollars
  8. Japanese Yen
  9. Arab Emirates Dirham

Wherever you go, HEADWAY TOURS & TRAVEL’s trusted multi-currency prepaid card goes with you. With HEADWAY TOURS & TRAVEL’s range of offerings, travel and foreign exchange woes are things of the past. From offering the best deals on hotels and flights, to arranging for foreign exchange, we take care of all your travel needs.